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What is SonX?

SonX is a next-generation fandom platform, that empowers musicians to generate sustainable revenue around their art, nurture rich communities for their superfans, and create a new value chain that rewards everyone.

What is SonX?

For the artists

SonX puts powerful community, commerce and Web3 tools in your hands, enabling you to build closer relationships with your superfans, create a sustainable and reliable income, and create the content you want to create.

SonX for artists

You at the centre

SonX for fans

For the fans

Get rewarded just for being a fan! With SonX you can earn tokens and collectibles for supporting your favourite artists, show them off on your profile, or sell or trade them with other fans on our secondary marketplace. Both you and your favourite artists get paid every time they’re traded.

The finer details


We are using Web3 technology to empower artists by connecting them with their fan communities using NFTs.

We allow artists to create NFTs of their digital content and allow it to be passed to their closest fans.

These tokens can then be traded on the SonX marketplace.

SonX NFT Marketplace
SonX for fans

Key analytics

SonX puts the power back in your hands. Learn how to interact with your community and see key insights and learn who your most dedicated superfans are.

Launch Roadmap

Transparency is key and giving you an understanding of what we plan to do is part of that journey. Take a look...


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